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"Master's Ranch Christian Academy is a boarding school for at-risk young men from all over the district. David Bosley and Tresa Bosley founded Master's Ranch Christian School.

Assisting troubled adolescents and their families with the resources, fellowship, and religious guidance required for a fresh start and a new direction in their life, mentioned David Bosley Master's Ranch previous CEO.

20 Years of Therapy & Counseling.

For almost 20 years, David Bosley and Master's Ranch Christian Academy have worked with at-risk youth with anger and conduct difficulties, providing hope and confidence to those who are self-destructive or diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, or RAD.

Giving Confidence through Teaching Work Value.

Master's Ranch Christian Academy (established by David Bosley) teaches at-risk adolescents the value of hard work and moral commitment while caring for dogs, pigs, and calves. Working directly with animals is very helpful, especially in the areas of anger management and emotional healing.

Furthermore, David Bosley and Master's Ranch offer a highly vocational program aimed at improving work environment abilities. From wood, metal, and concrete techniques to electrical, plumbing, welding, and culinary arts, Master's Ranch boys learn valuable professional skills that will last a lifetime.


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